WF16x Biological Microscope Eyepiece field of view 13mm caliber 23.2mm Focusable 0.37X 0.5X 0.7X Camera Adaptor Interface C Mount Screw For Stereo Trinocular Binocular 5X / 10X 12.5X 16X Optical Lens with Mounting Size 23.2 Mm All Metal Series USB 3.0 5MP 10MP Industrial Digital 23.2MM Electronic Reduction 30/30.5MM Adapter Ring 6.3MP 12MP 20MP Sony Sensor CCD for Microscopio FYSCOPE SZM OBJECTIVE LENS FOR STEREO ZOOM MICROSCOPE ,OBJECTIVE WD120mm AmScope 4X Achromatic Objective Compound Microscopes A4X-V300 0.75X School Lab Educational AUX Auxiliary Barlow Attachment 1-7/8 (48mm) Free shipping Zoom WD 165 2.5X long working distance LPL Metallurgical microscope Infinity plan objective 195 Type 100X RMS 20.2Mm Parts HDMI VGA 1080P SONY IMX307 Industry Video MOUNT Phone Tablet PC PCB IC Observe Soldering Repair Children Toys Led 60x-120x Home Portable Science Toy Gift Kids Child s 1600X 2MP Endoscope 8 LED Magnifier Adjustable Stand DIA 25mm Holder Bracket Rod Bar Pillar 1000x 2.0MP DM4 4.3LCD Display Motherboard Repaire Mechanical Iris Aperture Diaphragm Condensor Modules Medium Diameter 3.5X - 90X Articulating Arm Clamp Simul Focal + 37MP Cmos C-Mount Driver High Resolution 7X-45X Simul-Focal Head B&R Fingerprint Flying Line Titanium/Aluminum Alloy Tweezers BGA Chip Maintenance Tools 2pcs Stage Presser Slides Clips Stainless Steel Simul-focal Head+Pair Of Wide View WF10X/20 300X 450X 600X Monocular Continuous 0.7X-5.6X Magnification Andonstar AD106S Screen Tool SMT Jewelry DIY To Light Handheld Illuminator Lamps Excellent Circle Source 0.3X 0.35X 1X 2.0X 10A C-MOUNT Glass 8X-50X Nikon SMZ645 SMZ745 Adapters 20X 40X 60X Conjugate Distance 185 mm Laboratory childrens electronic Thermal camera soldering Mobile Smartphones 3.5X-90X IMX290 Auto Focus Black Professional Optional Accessories 10PCS Pathological Storage Box Plastic Slide Case Slice Storeage Boxes CMOS Optics Coaxial 180X mount Touch LCD ITO Check 2021 56 Circular Plate bottom light source 95MM led Brightness 144 Lamp Present 1200X Refined Kit Semi-plan 4X/10X/20X/40X/60X/100X 160/0.17 45EP 100Pcs/Set Sample Prepared Basic Specimen Cover Slips Wood 3D AD207 Long Object PCB/SMD Image Rotate WF10X Eyepieces Lights Standard Port to 30mm 30.5mm 2X Fiber Optic 1.25mm adapter Third Hand Iron Helping Vise Clip Magnifying Mini 18.0MP USB3.0 Mircoscope C-mount eyepiece E3ISPM18000KPA IMX147 IP118000A 17fps Imageview Connecting And illuminator 110V 220V 8W UV Fluorescent Purple Color Lighting Inner 60mm 64mm 21MP 2K 8-180X Big 50X-1000X WIFI Calibration Ruler toys Insect Bug Catcher and Viewer Set Nature Experiment Early children Gifts 22mm Blue Shell Eyepoint Stereoscopic Rubber Eye Guards HD RELIFE M-12/M-13 3800W CPU Speed 50- 500x white usb digital magnifier 200 1-hand-held endoscope New Double Glasses Precision Watch Loupe Jewelery Reading Illuminated Parent 30x12.