Original new 100% 744841414 ni-zn ring 4A common mode filter choke 2-winding inductor 14UH 40valuesX10pcs=400pcs 1/2W Inductor Assortment 0410 0.5W Color Ring Inductance 1UH-4.7MH Inductors Assorted Set Kit 2000PCS/LOT 1 / 2W color inductance DIP 22UH 10Kpcs 0402 SMD Chip 1nH 1.2nH 1.5nH 1.8nH 2.2nH 2.7nH 3.3nH 3.9nH 4.7nH 5.6nH 6.2nH 8.2nH 10nH 12nH 15nH... New MMS127-221MT 12*12 220UH power high current 2.43A 4pin 25V100UF HE series long life capacitor 100UF 25V 6X11MM (Inductor) MAOC-009259-TR0500 5V voltage controlled oscillator 5.7-6.4GHz SPM5015T-100M-LR integrated 5015-10UH 2.3A 5X5X1.5MM industrial wide temperature pressure control compensated crystal 10MHZ EPL3012-472MLC 3012-4.7UH 1.1A 3X3X1.2MM CMLE051E-2R2MS 2020 5*5*1.3 2.2uH 200PCS/LOT Power CD54 4.7UH mark 4R7 Loop Free shipping 10pcs B82733F2232B1 2X10MH TR100-4R7J non inductive resistance 100W 4.7R TR100 4R7J Shipping 20PCS/LOT 2220 winding NL565050T-103J-PF 10mH 25mA 5% DO3340P-153MLD 15UH 7A wire wound 100PCS CD43 470UH (: 471) chip CDRH127R 12*12*7mm 6.8UH 10UH 33UH 47UH 56UH 68UH 100UH 150UH 330UH shielded SMD/chip inductors CD75 470 7*7*5mm screen printing 301Q 2X4.7UH 6X5MM B953AS-560M=P3 TOKO 12X12X7MM 39UH 10*10*4MM 1.2A POWER CD104-390 Mark:390 Patch and original 10PCS/lot 744776227 WE-PD2 1054-270UH 0.68A 10X9X5.4MM 7440660022 WE-TPC 1038-2.2UH 6.8A 55MHZ W E IHLP2525CZER100M01 10uh made in china S07100083 12.5X12.5X3.5MM 0.8UH manufacturer copper coil three-legged 500E15W102MV4E through 0805-102 1NF 50V X7R FREE 50pcs/Lot 12.5*12.5*6.5mm for Circuits 47uH 20% SLF12565T-470M2R4-PF 7440660015 1038-1.5UH 10A 65MHZ patch 50PCS 150 5*5*4mm 25pcs M71Y Electronic Components High Quality On Sale standard word 331 ( 100 ) LQH55DN331M03L 330uH Current 270mA 5PCS DC12V Wall corner LED Bar Light 5730 36 50CM V shape Aluminum Profile 5630 Hard Rigid Strip Cabinet Lamp HG140 Industrial 35mm Din Rail Type Fan Heater 15W~100W PTC Sermiconductor 2PCS/Lot light Shape Corner aluminum profile with Curved Cover, DC12V, Style Wood Iron Craft Round Shelf Display Rack Storage Hanging Antique Flower Pot Holder Decror IP65 1W 12V Mini Spot Thumb Spotlight Ceiling Corridor Stairs Ambient DIY Lighting Steaming cabinet handle, oven handle lock, cold storage door plane lock hinge, hinge Vintage Led Lamps Apply Wall-mounted Track Bedroom Bedside Indoor Home Decor Loft Black MS726 Zinc Alloy Plane Lock 73x30mm Distribution Box Safety Mailbox Flat Steel 48V 12.5A 600W Switch Supply Monitoring Equipment, Automation, PLC Control Cabinet, Equipment Fanlive 200pcs Driverless Aluminium 1m 1.2m 230V 2835 144 Car Under Pcb Lights 5-Pack12VDC 20Inch Bar,120LED Low 39MM Wide Task Big U Channel 30Pcs Of 1M 40Inch Recessed Profile,Wardrobe BookCase Shiled Anti Glare 5-11MM Diffuser 5pcs*50cm 36Leds 7020 Tube led luces strip U/V under Milky Cover Transparent 60x1M ,5V/12V/24V 8MM .Cabinet Wardrobe Closet Stair Embedded SZYOUMY 220V Kitchen 100cm 72LEDs With 50pcs 100pc*100cm Bright Double Row 8520 DC 120LEDS 35W/M 2pcs/Lot 3W COB Inbouw DC12/24V Rond Non-Dimbaar 1300*2500mm CNC Router Copy Furniture Industry Game Cabinets Computer Tables Sewing Machines Table 16mm Water Liquid Level Adapter Metal Indicator Machine Waterproof Durable Pipe Napkin Paper Towel Mount 80*86mm Machinery Door Hinge Electric Network Case Hardwre CL119 Hidden sliding hinges 90 degree limit hinge,R6 carbon steel,Industrial equipment Freezer Handle Oven Cold Knob Adjustable Latch Hardware Pull Cookware Part Plant 2pcs Concealed Sliding Degree Limit Carbon Hinges For ABS Plastic Nylon Coupling Head Gemel Accessory Rittal Instrument.